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Disposable syringe manufacturers in India

Time:2022-06-28 15:00:56 Author:OK-Medical Clicks:

There are so many peoples in India.estimated to use 17.76 Crores of syringes per day during a pandemic situation.

Disposable syringes are plastic syringes that are used in human and veterinary medicine. Disposable syringes are progressively replacing old age syringes because they are hygienic to use, fully protected, and cost less. Syringes are divided into two or three portions and exist in a variety of sizes and shapes, including 1.0 ml, 2.0 ml, 5.0 ml, 10.0 ml, and 50.00 ml.

Did you know? The head of India's largest syringe plant ?

According to Rajiv Nath, founder and forum coordinator of the Association of Indian Medical Device Industry (AIMED) and Hindustan Syringes and the Medical Devices Ltd (the country's largest syringe producer), said the company has supplied the Centre with around 1.9 billion single-use auto-disable 0.5 ml syringes for vaccination during the pandemic serge.here is a list of disposable syringe manufacturers in india

Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices (HMD)

is leading dispovan syringes manufacturer in India, and it has offices in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is one of the Top 5 Disposable Syringe Manufacturers in the World. Not only that, it is also the largest manufacturer of Auto Disable Syringes. HMD has an approximate annual turnover of 100 million dollars.

HMD employs over 3500 workers across nine highly automated plants and has a nationwide customer network of over 5000 dealers.
HMD was founded on August 2, 1957, to provide cheap, world-class medical devices to the medical profession and its professionals.

LifeLong Group

Lifelong Group is a leading syringe manufacturing companies in india with a focus on medical device manufacturing and several other services. In 1995, the company ventured into automotive component manufacturing by purchasing a small plastic injection moulding company. The business has developed from a small company in 1995 to a big manufacturer in a short span of time. 
Top Syringe Manufacturing Corporate Pvt  Ltd

This company has been a leading syringe company in india glass syringes, and all medical products for decades. In 1964, the group was formed and since then, this company is leading the way.

It has two manufacturing sites in India: one in Mumbai's Dahisar neighbourhood and the other in Pune's Alandi neighbourhood.
BD India Pvt. Ltd

In Bawal, Haryana, BD already has a world-class manufacturing facility with the capacity to produce over a million II and III grade disposable needles using highly automated processing that consistently meets international standards. BD has over 65,000 employees all over the world. The company collaborates with customers and partners to enhance outcomes, reduce healthcare delivery costs, increase efficiency, improve healthcare safety protocols, and increase access to healthcare facilities to every citizen of India.It is a top 10 syringe manufacturers in india. BD is insulin syringe manufacturers in india too.

We hope that from this post, you have got a fair idea of the top syringe manufacturing firms in India. These companies are the most successful brands in terms of syringe manufacturing and distributing it to every corner of the country.

Q: What are the types of machinery needed to start a disposable syringe manufacturing company in India?

Ans:Following are the syringe making machine you'll need to start a disposable syringe manufacturing business in India.

  • Plant for injection moulding.
  • Machine for screen printing.
  • Plant for EO Sterilisation.
  • Packaging machine for syringes
  • Machine for assembling syringes.

    Q: Which companies in India produce the most syringes?
    Ans:Below is a list of popular syringe manufacturers in India.
  • Dickinson Becton (BD)
  • Terumo
  • B. Braun Melsungen
  • Teleflex syringe manufacturing machine
  • Nipro

    Q: What's the distinction between a Luer Mount and a Luer Lock syringe?
    Ans:There is a subtle difference between these two types of syringes. A Push-Fit Slip Tip connects needles to a Luer Tip in Luer Mount Syringes. Luer Lock Syringes, on the other hand, use a Screw-on one and only Locking Collar on a Luer Tip to give a more secure needle connection.