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Medical disposable virus sampling tube

Time:2022-06-03 15:21:15 Author:OK-Medical Clicks:

Disposable virus sampling tube is a complete set of centrifuge tubes for sampling and transporting viruses such as influenza virus, hand, foot and mouth virus in the microbial sampling transport tube. Also known as a specimen delivery tube, it is now a commercial product.

virus sampling tube included the following parts:

1. with a disposable sterile plastic stick/rayon top.

2. A sterile sampling tube containing 3 ml of virus retention solution (Gentamicin and amphotericin B are used to better inhibit the fungus in the sample. To avoid human sensitization that may be caused by penicillin in traditional sampling solutions.) are other components such as the tongue depressor and biosafety bag.

Virus sampling tubes contain infectious substances, and some are even highly pathogenic and sexual. Therefore, the requirements for packaging containers are very strict, and it is necessary to meet three requirements together:

1. Safe transportation: ensure that the samples do not leak during transportation. Sampling tubes that comply with safety regulations.

2. Storage safety: ensure that the sample will not leak during the storage process. Sampling tubes that comply with safety regulations.

3. Validity of the sample: ensure that the sampling tube itself will not be toxic to the sample.