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How to Start a Disposable Syringe Manufacturing Business?

Time:2022-06-07 14:29:24 Author:OK-Medical Clicks:

How to Start a Disposable Syringe Manufacturing Business?

Now, The people growth fast in the world. Different virus come again and again. Make the world have big demand for the disposable syringe. if you want to start the disposable syringe manufacturing business.Here have some advice.

  1. Have a proper plan.

    There are different size syringe,0.3ml,0.5ml,1ml insulin syringe. 1ml,2ml,3ml,5ml,10ml,20ml and 50 ml luer lock or luer slip syringe. Make more size syringe,require more quatity syringe manufacturing machine. cost more money.

  2. You must have a workshop,clean room. 

   Some of the equipment and machinery that you will need include:
   i. Injection Molding Machine or the Syringe making Machine
   ii. Blister Packaging Machine
   iii. Sterilization Plant
   iv. Water Pumps
    v. Scrap Grinding Machineries among others.
    vi. Raw Materia