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Medical syringe making machine

Disposable syringe making machine included plastic injection molding machine,medical mold,syringe assembly machine,syringe barrel printing machine,syringe packing machine

Product Description

Medical syringe making machine

syringe injection molding machine

Disposable syringe making machine included plastic injection molding machine,medical mold,syringe assembly machine,syringe barrel printing machine,syringe packing machine,and Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Machine.
Production Video:

Plastic syringe making machine equipment:

1Plastic Injection molding Machines

For injecting the 1cc-60cc syringe barrel and plunger 

and other inject items

2Syringe Moulds

Fit with the injection machine for the syringe


3Syringe barrel Printer

Printing the graduation line on the barrel and 

spray the oil into the barrel

4Needle auto assembly machineTo assemble the needle
5Syringe auto assembly machine

To assemble all the parts together so as to 

get the finish syringe automatically

6Syringe blister pack machinePack the syringe in blister automatically
7Polybag seal machineSeal the syringe in polybag
8ETO Sterile machinesSterile the finished products

Syringe manufacturing working process:

medical syringe making machine

  1. Plunger,barrel,needled and cap injection moulding.

  2. Barrel scale line printing

  3. Syringe assembly 

  4. Individual syringe Packaging

  5. Cartonning

  6. EO sterilization


The Feature of disposable syringe made by our production line:
1. Excellent slidable performance for medical staff to easily perform clinical injection .
2. Strong graduation ink adhesive force, friction resistance ,not easy to fall off.
3. Universal fit:Conical lock fittings with 6% confirm with international standards, can be used with any product with 6% conical lock fittings.
4. Clearly observe solution and bubbles with transpar-ent barrel.
5. Push button of plunger with skidproof structure that easy to grip.
6. The inner cavity of the rear end of barrel with skidpoof structure to prevent the plunger from accidentally sliding.
7. After used up, the plunger can be break to prevent reuse.The auto-disable syringes prevent the re-use of syringes and thus the transmission of diseases.

There are lots of syringe manufacturing machine for sale in the world.we are one of the best for you choosing.Welcome you sending inquiry for syringe making machine price.We will send quotation to you in 24 hours.We can offer price for syringe needle making machine to you too.

syringe mould

Our advantages:

1.Save your time:we offer turn-key solutions,we offer machine,machine commission and training.help you started your project.

2.Safe:Our machines are equipped with protective cover, when the machine is running, the cover is closed, when the cover is open, the machine will stop running, which prevent worker from injury and also there will be no dust pollution to pollute syringe in process.

2.Stable running:Our machine can keep stable running 24 hours per day. So you can make the production shifts according to your demand. If later even you run it 24 hours still not enough for your demand, cause you get more and more orders, welcome to come to us for the second line or the third line.

3.Save labor cost: It is fully automatic controlled by PLC. The machines are connected together. Not separate ones. It can do printing, assembling in one connected line. No need labors to do the transfer when printing is finished. Finished printing product will be transfered to assemabling machine automaticlly.

4.Save materials. Our machines have high qualified rate. It is more than 99.9%. There will be almost no waste for you. More qualified product, more profit.
5.Save your production csot: We know the best supplier of plastic raw material,printing ink,film,syringe needles. get the correct supplier ,you can save much cost. 
If you want to be one syringe making machine manufacturers,we are the correct supplier for you. The disposable syringe manufacturing machine price which we offer you is very reasonable.

Case show:

medical syringe manufacturing machineplastic syringe manufacturing machinesyringe making machine cost
syringe manufacturing machine costinjection syringe making machinedisposable syringe making machine price


Q1: Can you give a brief introduction of machine control way?

A1: Touch screen operation, PLC Control.

Q2: Is pre-setting function for production related parameters available?

A2: Yes, it’s available.

A3: Can you make password protection for parameter setting for the machine, to avoid misoperation?

A3: Yes, we can do customization for your machine.

Q4: Which brand is recommended for air compressor system?

A4: Jaguar brand is sufficient.

Q5: Is screw type air compressor okay?

A5: Yes, it’s okay. We can send you detailed air compressor specification, can buy locally.

Q6: Do filters needed for air compressor?

A6: Yes, 3-4 filters are recommended, to ensure high quality compressed air for production usage.

Q7:Can you supply clean room project. 

A7:yes,we can build the clean room for the buyer in the world.

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