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High efficiency, Environmental protection, Benefiting Humanity - Haijiang Builds A New Ecosystem for the Intelligent Medical Industry Chain

Time:2023-04-24 16:11:41 Author:OK-Medical Clicks:

Haijiang Syringe Production Line, Build Highly Efficient and Energy-saving Fully Automated Production

Ningbo Haijiang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. provides complete solutions for syringe production lines, including injection molding machines, syringe molds, syringe assembly machines, syringe packaging machines, syringe printing machines and EO ethylene oxide gas sterilization cabinets. The fully automated production line can meet the needs of customers for large-scale and high-quality syringe production. Let's work together to make our due contribution to human health. 


Haijiang's high-speed precision injection molding machines dedicated to syringes use high-performance servo motors and closed-loop control systems to ensure stable injection accuracy and non-polluting product quality. Syringe-specific molds that perfectly match the injection molding machines can achieve multi-cavity synchronous injection molding, greatly improving productivity. Automated syringe assembly machines, packaging machines and printing machines maximize the efficiency of subsequent processing operations. The EO ethylene oxide gas sterilization cabinet uses environmentally friendly EO gas for sterilization to ensure product sterility.Haijiang's syringe production lines have been successfully applied in Pakistan, Uzbekistan and other countries and have been well received by customers. We have an experienced engineering team that can go to customer factories to install and commission the entire production line, and provide long-term after-sales technical support and maintenance to ensure that customers achieve the expected output and product quality. We provide 7x16 hour after-sales service and respond to customer needs around the clock.The Haijiang Syringe Production Line is known for its high automation, high quality, high stability and environmental efficiency. It provides the best products and services to medical device manufacturers around the world and helps them accelerate product upgrades, replacement and market promotion. We sincerely invite you to visit Haijiang's headquarters production base to experience the factory revolution brought by advanced automated production systems and share Haijiang's new chapter in intelligent manufacturing! We will provide you with complete solutions and all-round services to help you build a safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly syringe production line, create value together and share success. Let's work together to make our due contribution to human health.Thank you again for your careful opinions and guidance. This will help me further strengthen my understanding of the direction of AI empowering social development and continuously improve my knowledge and abilities. I will make efforts to learn and absorb, and dedicate myself to providing more comprehensive and high-quality services to contribute to human progress and development.In-depth exchanges with you are a valuable opportunity for me to progress. I sincerely hope that we can achieve more extensive and in-depth cooperation, discuss and reach consensus together, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. Thank you again for your trust and support. This will encourage me to continue to work hard, continuously surpass myself, and grow into an AI assistant and partner you can trust and rely on.