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Haijiang Medical Grade Polypropylene Tube Injection Molding Machine

Time:2024-04-10 10:14:05 Author:OK-Medical Clicks:

Haijiang Medical Grade Polypropylene Tube Injection Molding Machine: The Quiet, Stable, and Cost-Effective Solution



In the field of medical device manufacturing, the requirements for production equipment are extremely stringent, especially when producing medical accessories that come into contact with the human body, such as medical-grade polypropylene tubes. The Haijiang Medical Grade Polypropylene Tube Injection Molding Machine is renowned for its exceptional quiet stability and cost-effectiveness, making it the preferred equipment within the industry. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the technical specifications, performance parameters, and practical performance of this injection molding machine.

Product Description:

The Haijiang Medical Grade Polypropylene Tube Injection Molding Machine is a high-performance production unit specifically designed for the medical industry. It not only meets strict medical industry standards but also exhibits outstanding quiet stability during operation. Here are the main technical specifications and performance parameters of the equipment:

1. Quiet Stability:

   - Featuring a specially designed low-noise hydraulic system that significantly reduces operational noise, creating a tranquil working environment.

   - A reinforced machine structure and vibration reduction system ensure high stability during extended operation, minimizing the impact of mechanical vibration on product quality.

   - Precision closed-loop control system provides accurate motion control, ensuring stability throughout continuous production processes.

2. High Cost-Effectiveness:

   - An optimized energy management system reduces power consumption and lowers production costs.

   - Efficient production processes and lower maintenance requirements keep overall operating costs under control.

   - Short return on investment period and long-term stable production capacity ensure good economic benefits.

Technical Specifications and Performance Parameters:

- Model: HJ140-HJ360

- Injection Capacity: 50-1000 grams

- Power System: Servo motor or variable pump system (optional)

- Maximum Injection Pressure: 200 MPa

- Injection Speed: Up to 80 mm per second

- Screw Diameter: 40-65 mm (depending on the model)

- Mold Thickness: Up to 300 mm

- Power Supply Requirement: Three-phase AC 220V/380V

- Overall Machine Dimensions: Length 4 meters x Width 2 meters x Height 2.5 meters

- Weight: Approximately 5 tons

- Noise Level: Below 65 dB

- Compliance Standards: CE, ISO 9001:2015, and other international certification standards

Practical Performance:

The Haijiang Medical Grade Polypropylene Tube Injection Molding Machine has been applied in several medical device manufacturers. Its excellent quiet performance provides a comfortable working environment for staff, and its stable operation greatly enhances production efficiency and product quality. Customer feedback indicates that the machine operates at a low cost and has a low failure rate, making it an extremely cost-effective choice.


With its quiet stability and high cost-effectiveness, the Haijiang Medical Grade Polypropylene Tube Injection Molding Machine has become the preferred equipment in the medical device manufacturing industry. Both in terms of technical specifications and performance parameters, it reflects Haijiang'