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Blood Collection Tube Making Machine

This blood collection tube making machine is used for medical disposable vacuum and non vacuum blood collection tube assembly.

Product Description

Blood Collection Tube Making Machine
blood vacuum tube machine

Product Description

Vacuum Blood Collection Tube making is used for high quality vacuum blood collection tube producing. This production line features its complete and efficient machine processing, including labeling, tube loading(200pcs/cycle), Clot activator / EDTAK2 / EDTAK3 dosing, drying (3 stations), capping on tube, vacuum and capping, foam tray/PS tray packing, finished product. Its comprehensive, integration function can greatly facilitate the working efficiency and the process-oriented and specialization of operations.

blood collection tube manufacturing machine


Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Production has high precision spraying system, PTC dust-free drying system and intelligent cap adding system, which together made up a effective, compact structure with integrate functions. Also, Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Production Line achieves perfect automation with only 3 workers needed to be on duty. We can provide you the installation and personnel training of this machine, so you don't have to worry it will lack after-sales service and guarantee.

medical mould

Product Parameters

1. PTC Dust Free Drying System (Clean·Safe)

Temp range:0-80℃

Temp. tolerance:±5℃

With over temperature protection function

vacuum blood collection tube making machine

2. Intelligent Cap Adding System (Low Noise·Reliable·Intelligent)

【Optional】Automatic cap loading system

【Optional】Low noise & high speed electric cap feeding system

【Optional】Vision detection system for cap adding

edta tube making machine

Place of Origin
Brand Name
Model Number
Disinfecting Type
Far Infrared
13*75mm,13*100mm,16*100mm, 13*75mm,13*100mm,16*100
Shelf Life
PP, PET or Plastic for vacutainer tube
Quality Certification
CE ISO 13485
Instrument classification
Class II
Safety standard
EN 149 -2001+A1-2009

blood collection tube manufacturing machine price

blood collection tube injection molding machine

Application: Full automatic production line for blood collection tube (vacuum & non-vacuum).

• Process flow: Reverse tube detection→EDTA / BCA dosing-spraying→Drying→Cap adding→Vacuuming→Unloading into tray→Sealing & shrinking packaging→Finished product.

Production capacity
12,000-15,000 pcs/h
Tube size
Ø13*75mm, Ø13*100mm (available for PET, PP, Glass)
Cap size
Outer Ø16±0.05*19mm+0.1
Control way
Touch screen operation, PLC Control
Dosing system
10 sets of precision ceramic metering pump for EDTA K2/K3;
10 sets of metering valve for BCA
Drying system
3 sets of “PTC” dust-free drying system
Detecting system
Reverse tube detection before additive dosing-spraying
Alarm function in case of lack of foam tray storage.
Vacuum degree
Numerical control for vacuum pressure, Frequency conversion control for vacuum pump
1) Reverse tube detection
2) EDTA Precision Dosing
3) BCA Precision Dosing
4) PTC Dust-free Drying
5) Capping
6) NC Vacuuming and Cap-pressing
7) Foam Tray Loading
8) Sealing & shrinking packaging
Remarks: 1) Sodium citrate/Heparin dosing spray optional;
2) Customized spec available;
Air consumption
Max. 1m3/min; Air supply pressure P: 0.7Mpa≤P≤1Mpa

vacuum blood collection tube machine

Q: How to prove that the product quality is good?

We believe that“Professional build the height, focus achieve the quality”.

On the one hand, our product quality has passed the market test for 10 years. Many domestic companies, for example: GONGDONG, WEGO, CDRICH etc, are our long-term customers.

On the other hand, in our company, we strictly demand the quality of each employee's work and strictly demand the quality of each process. 

Q: How about your after sale service?

We will offer remote programming, software updates, warranty delivery and replacement of spare parts. If we don’t have local agent, we will help you solve problems remotely through video calls.

Q: What are your special features?

We can support from A to Z, and on-line training engineer is supported. We not only have regular machines, we also have blood collection tube additives. These reagents are used in combination with regular reagents to achieve better effect.

For blood collection tube production machine, the equipment is compatible and the applicable test tube specifications are: Ø13×/75/95/100,Ø16×/100mm.

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